Xperia XZ Premium gets new update with improved W-Fi performance (45.0.A.7.137)

by XB on 11th September 2017

in Firmware, Xperia XZ series

Sony Mobile has updated the Xperia XZ Premium with a new firmware update that moves the build number from 45.0.A.7.120 to version 45.0.A.7.137. The new update brings the latest 1 September 2017 Android security patch, as seen in recent updates for other Xperia X series handsets.

However, what we’re more excited by is having some semblance of a changelog by Sony, once again. The Concept programmes were great in that Sony provided a detailed changelog of what had changed in each update. However, for the stable firmware releases, Sony does not include any detail as a matter of course.

This makes it very difficult to know whether to update or not, with the only noticeable changes in each update being the major Android versions and security patch dates. So, we hope that this is the start of a change from Sony, to be more transparent and give its users more insight over each new update.

So, for today’s Xperia XZ Premium release, Sony has improved Wi-Fi performance and added other bug fixes. Unfortunately, there is still no double tap to wake added, but we remain hopeful that Sony will bring this frankly crucial feature in a future update.

Thanks Christian, Fausto and Hyatt!

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