Xperia XZ Premium Dual has camera sensor issues in Oreo update; fix on the way

by XB on 1st November 2017

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The Sony Xperia XZ Premium recently received the Android 8.0.0 Oreo firmware update. As part of the update, Sony also included a fix for the camera distortion issues that users were facing. However, the update brought a new issue, which meant that the RGBC-IR and ToF (Laser AF) camera sensors were not working as they should.

The result was blurry images and features such as 3D Creator that no longer worked. Sony has confirmed that there is an issue (only on the dual SIM version we should add), attributing the problem to “software configuration”. The good news is that Sony has said it will be fixed in a new software update due later this month.

Sony statement on Xperia XZ Premium Dual camera following Android Oreo update

“You may have noticed that the camera on your Xperia XZ Premium Dual SIM doesn’t behave according to specifications after the update to Android 8.0 (software build 47.1.A.3.254).

“This is due to a software configuration related to the RGBC-IR and ToF sensors used by the camera. When these sensors don’t work correctly, pictures taken under specific lighting/colour conditions will be affected. Results include slower auto focus and effects on colour rendition.

“This has been solved in an updated software version that is scheduled for release in November, 2017. However, please note that Software updates are released at different times depending on the operator, market, region or country. Therefore, I am not able to give you an exact date for when a specific update will be available for your device. In addition, network operators and specific markets may choose not to use the updates for specific models.”

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