Is Sony prepping a 4K OLED Xperia for 2018?

by XB on 18th January 2018

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Rumours have circulated for over a year that Sony will introduce an Xperia device with OLED display panel. Initial rumours pointed to Sony releasing an OLED-equipped Sony Xperia in 2018, and recent job listings for a display engineer with OLED experience only adds fuel to those rumours.

However, rather than just introduce an OLED panel, what if Sony is about to go one step further and release one with 4K resolution? This would represent a first for the smartphone industry, and would be a great marketing point for Sony, much like it was when it introduced a 4K IPS LCD display for the Xperia Z5 Premium, and subsequently a 4K HDR panel for the Xperia XZ Premium.

A recent interview with Hitoshi Osawa, Sony Mobile’s Head of UX product planning in Europe, through Russian site hints that 4K OLED displays will be coming:

“All I can say is that we are investing money in OLED displays. And very soon you will see 4K-OLED-matrices in mobile devices, which until now did not exist. The next step is 4K OLED, and you will not be disappointed.” (Translated) – Hitoshi Osawa

We have seen various other non-credible rumours around recently referring to an almost wishlist of specs for the next Xperia flagship, including a 4K OLED display. We don’t know when Sony will introduce an OLED Xperia, but there is a good chance that if Sony views 2018 as a “breakthrough year”, as it referred to at CES, then there’s a strong likelihood that it will emerge this year. We’re very excited to see what will come, and will keep you posted on any developments.

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