Xperia XZ2 “coming soon” says mobile operator [Update]

by XB on 5th February 2018

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It looks like we will definitely see new flagship(s) at MWC 2018 later this month. Mobile phone operator Three Ireland says that the Xperia XZ2 will be “coming soon” in a tweet to a customer. The news is hardly surprising, but it 1) confirms at least one new flagship device will be announced at MWC, and 2) makes it extremely likely that the ‘XZ2’ will be the new name for Sony’s 2018 premium range.

Update: Unsurprisingly the tweet has been deleted, which only adds further credence to the statement. Not to worry, we have a screengrab of the tweet below.

This news follows on from a report by who spoke to Christian Haghofer, Sony Mobile’s South Africa manager. Haghofer appeared to confirm that the upcoming flagship will come with dual cameras and is set to launch at Mobile World Congress (MWC).

We are also very excited to announce our Xperia XZ Premium successor at Mobile World Congress this year. Dual cameras are tipped to become the norm for many flagship phones,” said Haghofer. Other key highlights from the company expected this year include artificial intelligence, design, and display technology. This heightens the expectations of a re-designed flagship with perhaps an OLED display.

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