Sony Mobile cuts a quarter of its workforce in Lund, Sweden

by XB on 12th December 2018

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We have talked extensively about the troubles facing Sony’s mobile division, and unfortunately those poor results cannot continue forever without consequence, and that typically means more cost cutting. One area that is feeling the brunt of this is Sony Mobile’s operations in Lund, Sweden. We saw several local reports surface a few weeks back, and we have since confirmed this with a number of our own contacts.

Sony is planning to cut around 200 jobs in Lund – there are around 800 full-time staff overall. Publicly, Sony says it has 1,200 people working in Lund but this number includes consultants. In addition, this larger number includes employees who work for other divisions in Sony, outside of mobile. Sony is looking to halve its mobile business costs over the next few years.

It is clear that Lund will be affected by cost savings. But how it goes and what kind of costs it will be about, we cannot say yet, because the work is still underway to look at all cost components,“said Stefan Olsson (Deputy Chairman of Sony’s Lund operations).

Olsson went on to say “we have announced 200 services. I see it as being at risk of being dismissed, but hope it will be fewer. The goal is for everything to be negotiated and that individual individuals are informed until March 2019”.

It must be a an uncertain time for Sony Mobile’s Lund employees, so our thoughts go out to them in what must be a difficult time.


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