Is Sony really prepping a smartphone with six rear cameras?

by XB on 11th June 2019

in Imaging, Rumours

Some very surprising news emerged yesterday suggesting that Sony is working on a new Xperia smartphone that would have a total of six cameras on its rear, and two on the front. The news came from Twitter leaker Max J (@Samsung_News_) who has a good track record of leaks.

Max said the phone is still in development, so there’s no guarantee that it would be released. However, we’re surprised that Sony is even considering it. This is the Sony that was late to the party with dual-camera smartphones – only introducing its first dual-camera smartphone last year.

So we feel that a pinch of salt is needed to think that Sony is developing phones with six cameras on the rear. If this was in the pipeline, it would be interesting to see how Sony would use the cameras. Would it be like the Nokia PureView, where all of its five rear cameras are used to provide the best single image. Or would it be like other multi-lens smartphones like the Huawei P30 Pro, where the cameras are used to give versatility to the user with a wide lens, telephoto lens etc.

What do you think about this news? Would you like to see Sony develop a six-camera Xperia? How would you like to see Sony utilise the camera array? We’d love to hear your comments below.

Thanks Diogo. Moises and Silv.Pascal A.S!

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