DxOMark gives its verdict on the Xperia 1 camera

by XB on 28th August 2019

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The Sony Xperia 1 is the company’s first smartphone to sport a triple-lens camera setup. While the phone has been out for a while now, famed camera review website DxOMark has published their verdict on Sony’s latest flagship. Would DxOMark be taken with Sony’s camera prowess, or would it instead be underwhelmed?

Well, overall the Xperia 1 garnered a score of 91 (94 for Photo; 84 for Video), with a Selfie score of 78. This places it significantly lower than its peers, more than 20 points so, and more in line with last year’s budget Xiaomi Pocophone which also scored 91.

While DxOMark they were impressed with the speed of autofocus, their experience was let down by noticeable halos and noisy edges in some photos, underexposed pics both indoors and outdoors and HDR failing to engage on occasion. DxOMark concluded that Sony’s software does not match its hardware performance in order to compete with the best phones out there.

Sony has long been criticised for its weak image processing, and it appears the same negative points are being brought up again. If you are an Xperia 1 owner, do you agree with DxOMark’s take on the camera? We’d love to hear your comments below.

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