Seasonal Greetings from Xperia Blog

by XB on 24th December 2020

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We wanted to wish all of our readers a wonderful and restful break over Christmas and New Year. Those interested in Xperia smartphones seem to be a smaller and smaller crowd each year, but we’ll still keep kicking around for those that still love Sony’s offerings, and wants to keep abreast of key news.

All of this has taken a back seat in 2020 to the pandemic, which has no doubt had an impact on everyone reading this in some way or another. It has certainly been an unforgettable year, and not for all of the right reasons. We’re all hoping for a better and brighter 2021. In the meantime, we wish all of our readers a peaceful holiday season. Please take care and have a fun time with your friends and families.

Happy Holidays!

The Xperia Blog Team

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