annoying things about the xperia S that should be fixed

Discussion in 'Xperia S and Xperia SL' started by lolwtf, May 2, 2012.

  1. lolwtf

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    1. Gallery
    -the tilt is really annoying
    sure aesthetically it's cool but practically, its horrible to use.
    -the sliding often causes an 'over-slide' and makes the middle column between 3 annoying to open.
    the slide is just not smooth, it's like having pictures in between 2 pages of a book
    -unable to organised the gallery
    -full of random crap
    eg, pictures from greader, or facebook tags, or wtv.. i have 'whatssap' picutres and the normally gallery. when i send a picture through whatssap, it causes me to have double of the same picture in my phone. idk about most ppl, but i like my folders well organised and this is annoying!!
    -No settings to change to simple settings!
    if i had a choice i would rather use the normal gallery folder from nokia like 10 years ago.. at least it was easy to view pictures and organize them

    2. screen
    -since using it about 3 weeks ago, my screen often becomes inactive and i have to tap it multiple times or go back home to reactivate it. im not sure why that is. There has been times when i wanna unlock my phone and i drag my finger across, it will only detect it half way through the screen.

    3.Hanging and lagging
    -happened on the first day i got the phone, hangs pretty regularly. not so often now but still when i run apps it occasionally hangs.. how does a new phone hang? kinda retarded..
    -lag happens almost always, im not sure where this problem comes from but my iphone (no im not a fanboy but its a good comparison) took 2~3 years before the apps lag while i use em..

    4. heat sensors
    -i reckon this bit was unnecessary.. it gets in the way.. someone it doesnt work when i want it to and sometimes it works when im playing games.. can you imagine playing a game and suddenly i get sent back to my home screen and i gotta restart from the beginning in my game

    I hope the people in charge would focus on fixing some of these problems rather than keep producing new models.. at the same time.. I wonder if other people are having similar issues such as mine and think this phone has the potential to be awesome but really fails in certain aspects..
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    I think the only thing I have come across is the heat sensor issue, and even then I think it maybe that sometimes you are just hitting the home button. In all honesty my phone is working pretty slick.
  3. LiveSquare

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    1. Whatsapp has nothing to do with the phone. This is how it operates, no matter which Android phone you use.
    2. You have plenty of alternative gallery out there in the Google Play. Try which suits you.
    3. You screen/phone is faulty. I don't experience this.
    4. Again, you phone is faulty. Get it repaired or replaced.
    5. Most of the phones out there do get hot when you play games. It's quite common problem that everyone faces.

    Summary: Your phone could be faulty in couple of scenario. Try to get it repaired :D