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Discussion in 'Xperia Z1' started by drunkenmax, Sep 20, 2013.

  1. drunkenmax

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    This is my first Sony only phone and I chose it because of the camera and the reviews. I owned a Lumia 920 and a SG Note 1 before ( the note is for work and they've banned personal handsets so i have to have a iPhone 4S now). I like Android so was happy with that choice and have some experience jail breaking etc. I wont be jail nbreaking this as to be honest I dont see the point. Also, I read that the camera stops working which is why I bought the damn thing. With O2, my service provider, I also received a free QC10, also in white which I haven't plugged in yet.

    The phone is a gorgeous slab but it seems quite heavy. Also, having the micro USB charger behind a flap is a pain so I've ordered a docking bay. I subsequently had to cancel my case order as it didnt have a slot for the magnetic connection. The camera is great though and I think the Sony version of Android is probably one of my favourite out there. Some nice touches. Still lots of bloatware but hey ho. So far really pleased.
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    Got mine on Friday. I love the phone, but not impressed with battery performance.

    Take it off charge at 630 and by 11am charge is down to 40%. I'd say I am a medium smart phone user, but don't do anything different on this phone to I did on my Lumia 820. Lumia would last all day, down to about 50% by 5pm. My Z1 has to be put on charge at lunch time, or it wont last.

    Is this normal behaviour, or do I have a faulty phone? Either way, it needs to go back as its going to be no good when im out and about and don't have access to power.
  3. drunkenmax

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    I used the "stamina" setting and it improved greatly. I think its hammering the data / wifi at the moment setting up. I also turned off the NFC and GPS and I switch out wifi / BT as a matter of habit anyway depending where I am. I'll give it a week and then give it a proper battery test
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    advertised as waterproof, but water having received the service I applied xperia z said user error due to overheating of the CPU is not a user error, and water was standing on the cover having a sony product ever again will not wish to court