Battery draining FAST while on WiFi

Discussion in 'Xperia Z1' started by GFG, Sep 18, 2014.

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    As of late, my xperia Z1 is draining battery & heating up. This is consistent whenever:
    1. WiFi is on on the handset
    2. I am in an area with a known WiFi router
    3. Both at work and at home
    4. Regardless of range to router, reception or router type
    With WiFi on, my battery will drain faster than my charger can charge. According ti GSAM, the culprit is Android System, which does not help me very much.

    If I switch WiFi off, the surplus heat dissapates, and the discharging rate goes down. I can keep the phone alive for a full working day without WiFi

    I am on the latest official 4.4.4 release from Sony - I have not rooted my handset.

    Any help or assistance would be much appreciated!
  2. romyrahyin0520

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    Maybe you download a uncompatible application to your phone

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    You may try turning off scanning always available on wifi settings