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  1. Audicar

    Audicar New Member

    How can I add the birthday date to my contacts?
    It seems there is no field for this.
    Also I can't sync my phone (Xperia S Dutch) to Google Calender. The other way around: from
    Google Calender to my phone works well.

  2. SeVeMaS

    SeVeMaS Member

    It seams that the Xperia Android from Sony and Sony Ericsson forgot that field since the beginningm I've been talk about that in all foruns and no reponse until now and is really kind of annoying.
    Some folks here will tell you to put it on the notes field, personally I put it there and then I update it on contacts when i reach Gmail in the desktop.
    About the calendar, I have no problems at all, all the calendar's sync with charm. just open your calendar, touch options menu and then select my calendars and select the ones you want to sync.
  3. Audicar

    Audicar New Member

    Thank you for your reply. The missing birthday is really annoying.
    About the calender: My calender is called telefoncalender and it says synchronzed and visible.
    But on the PC I see nothing on Google Calender.
    The same thing happens with my contacts. Also synchronized and visible, but not in Gmail and Contacts.