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    I'm new to this forum
    I'm from the middle east, United Arab Emirates.

    I bought an Xperia Z1 last October. I love the phone but when I saw a review on you tube about the Z1's camera, I noticed that I may have an issue with the camera.

    First when I choose M mode, the area where the shutter, M mode option and preview photos are in black as you see in the picture but on the review it wasn't. Second, in the video I noticed something that I don't have, which is the SCN on M mode where you can choose HDR, landscape or night mode. It was on the top left side of the screen above the manual controls.


    Any idea how to remove the black area so I have a full view on my screen, and how to get the SCN on M mode?

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    To remove the black area, you have to change the image size, from 4:3 to 16:9
    Click the three dot on your down left, to change it

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