Can I connect Xperia Ray to TV?

Discussion in 'Xperia ray' started by James Wilde, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. James Wilde

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    Hi Guys,

    I've just joined this forum but have been a loyal SE user for several years. I have been hanging on to my T700 until now as I love the slim, lightweight design but, unfortunately, my stereo socket has just stopped working so it is definitely time to update.... Anyway, I am considering whether to get the Xperia Ray but everyone is telling me to go for the Samsung GS2. I love the design of the Ray but I would really like to have good internet functionality for emails, YouTube etc on my phone now; the small screen of the Ray is slightly offputting in this regard. However, there is one thing that could swing it for me - the GS2 can be connected to a TV, which is something I would find very useful when at home so I could watch some old TV shows I like on YouTube. My questions is this -
    Is there any way the Xperia Ray can be connected to a TV like this? I know it does not have HDMI output, but I was wondering if there exists an adaptor cable that can be plugged from the USB port to the HDMI / scart port on the TV. Can anyone help with this???

  2. Xperia Blog

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    The only way I know of is using DLNA - but this would require a compatible TV or box (like a PS3) to work.
  3. Nevin John

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    I think it's possible through Livedock.