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Discussion in 'Xperia S and Xperia SL' started by walner, May 2, 2012.

  1. walner

    walner New Member

    Anyone have any idea how to change the default alarm tone,no option to change that I can see,greyed out.

  2. LiveSquare

    LiveSquare Member

    Yes you can!
    Could you post a screenshot where you are seeing it as greyed out?
  3. walner

    walner New Member

    Screenshot is in alarm settings,nowhere in sounds to alter alarm tone.I had an x10 mini,although the arc is a step forward in andriod,it seems to be a step backwards in what you can do with content,tried to delete a photo,option button at bottom right does not give a delete option,as it should.Anyway,here's the screenshot,thanks for your reply. screenshot_2012-05-03_1038.png

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  4. dr_ether

    dr_ether New Member

    Turn off the Style Setting, of if you wish, turn it on, then off and then you can create a new style setting which uses a different ring tone.
  5. walner

    walner New Member

    Thanks,that's done the trick
  6. LiveSquare

    LiveSquare Member

    @dr_ether, you replied faster than me :cool:
  7. t
    thanks! It's super effective =DD