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Discussion in '2020 Xperia devices' started by Xperia Blog, May 1, 2020.

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    Please use this forum to discuss all Sony Xperia smartphones released in 2020. This includes the following devices to date:

    • Xperia 1 II (Mark 2)
    • Xperia 10 II (Mark 2)
    • Xperia L4
  2. 675terry

    675terry New Member

    Think the Xperia 1 II is the first Sony phone I have been excited about in years. Just wish I did not have to work so hard to get one in Canada.
  3. Anubis86

    Anubis86 New Member

    ¿Cuál es la fecha de lanzamiento del Xperia 1 II?
  4. Yo Patel

    Yo Patel New Member

    Yeah L4 is expected soon I believe.

    MANU4EVER New Member

    I'm on the same boat! I don't even think it'll come to Canada officially, I might be wrong but I think I eventually have to import it and
    wind up paying more than a premium for it!
  6. meloferz

    meloferz New Member

    En europa creo que ya se lanzó, en latinoamérica no se lanzará oficialmente el equipo.

    In europe i think that was already lanched, on latin america will not be launched officially.
  7. meloferz

    meloferz New Member

    I bought my Xperia 10 II from ebay, that was imported from Hong Kong, as I checked the firmware customization and it is from there. A month almost with it, and I really love it.
    For me was not easy to used to it, as i was using a smaller XA2 before, but with the one handed mode and side sense, is easy to use with one hand.
    I really miss Sony apps that are not installed anymore as Album, Photo Editor, Xperia keyboard, Sony Email, Sony Phone App, Sony Message App, Sony Contacts App, Sony Calendar App, Sony Calculator App, Sony Clock App, and Sony Weather app, Track ID, Audio Recorder. All are replaced by Google Apps with tons of weird permissions and tracking.
    But I found alternatives to it and I disabled almost all Google Apps:
    - Album and Photo Editor there is Simple Gallery Pro
    - Xperia keybard, well.. there is no replacement, so I installed latest version available from XDA, and still working good
    - Sony Email, I installed from APKMirror, still works good, but not so good with dark mode
    - Sony Phone app I couln't replace Google Phone, that was so fustration, so well... still there...
    - Sony Message App there is Simple Message App
    - Sony Contacts App, there is Simple Contacts Pro
    - Sony Calendar there is Simple Calendar App
    - Sony Calculator App, there is Simple Calculator App
    - Sony Clock App, there is Simple Clock App
    - Sony Weather App, good news! There is still installable from Play Store, so I installed and still using it :) .
    - For Track ID, well... there is no option than Shazam
    - Audio Recorder, I didn't looked for alternatives.
    Hope this information helps.
  8. Saleh.a

    Saleh.a New Member


    I found a bug on Xperia 1 ii dual XQ-AT52 on 5G radio as it is not sending back a parameter and could not connect to 5G network.
    Note Iam using it in Kuwait and I do have all the traces from my service provider. Is there a way to reach Sony as I could not reach them.

  9. JJinWeston

    JJinWeston New Member

    Today is the day that US shipments of Xperia 1 ii were to begin shipping. As of this moment, Amazon has not shipped my pre-order. They still say expected delivery is July 28th. I note that Best Buy online now says earliest for curbside pick up at one of their stores is August 4th. Anyone have any additional information on US shipments?
  10. JJinWeston

    JJinWeston New Member

    Today on Amazon my open order still shows unshipped, but also still shows arriving Tuesday (28th). But the phone's listing in the Amazon store now shows "Currently unavailable. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock.". Not sure what that means in context.
  11. JJinWeston

    JJinWeston New Member

    Just out of the blue, notice from Amazon that my phone has shipped, with delivery expected Monday. Yay!
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  12. meloferz

    meloferz New Member

    You won't have support for your phone as is not launched officially on your region.
  13. frozenwaffles

    frozenwaffles New Member

    So i have bought an Xperia 10 ii and so far i think its quite good. My only complaints so far are the following:
    - the camera is painfully slow to take a photo and process it. slow enough to make the feature unuseable. its really bad...
    - the phone is extreemly slippery! its so slippery i have had to buy a case. i dont like cases, but this phone is going to slip out of my hands anyday. if you put it on a surface that is not flat it will start to move all by itself the friction is so low!
  14. Fredrik S.

    Fredrik S. New Member

    Hi, anyone compared the camera in Xperia 5 II vs Xperia 1 II?
  15. jamiemc

    jamiemc New Member

    The Xperia 1ii has the ToF sensor , the 5ii doesnt.. have a look at this comparison
  16. jamiemc

    jamiemc New Member

    I have the Xperia 1ii dual sim and at present you can only use 5G by deactivating the secondary SIM. Basically usage of 5G network is restricted when two SIMs are activated !
    I hear that Apple will enable Dual-SIM Mode With 5G Compatibility via a software release , "Does anyone know if Sony will do the same ?"