Fix a Xperia device were brick

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    When installing a Rom for Xperia. Your mobile phone has been brick

    Flashtool irreversible for Xperia. I tried the following and restore Xperia.

    I hope to be useful for you.

    Now, you need:

    1. Firmware (FTF) have been released is suitable for your Xperia device

    2. Gordon's gate Flash Driver

    3. S1tool.

    4. APPSW Firmware
    supports most Sony Z series, Sony Z1 may be listed as: C6602, C6603, C6606, C6902, C6903 ....

    + Note: APPSW Firmware only for restoring the boot, not using the Flashtool to flash!

    APPSW Firmware:

    + C6602:

    + C6603:

    + C6606:

    + C6902:

    + C6903:

    * Conducts:

    1. Unbrick Xperia:

    -Run the ggsetup- file to install Gordon's gate Flash Driver;

    -run the DPInst app in the folder containing, in Local Disk C

    [​IMG][/IMG] [​IMG]

    -connect your phone to the computer, if your computer receive qhusb_dload device then it will continue to install driver Gordon's Gate Flash Driver;

    2. Run s1tool.exe:

    - Power off phone

    - Click: INDENTIFY button

    -Plug the cable to connect your phone to the computer

    -Click on the Flash button, select the Firmware file from the directory APPSW contained.

    -phone will be load APPSW firmware, wait until the program is finished running, your phone has lived back, can get into Fastboot mode and Flashmode.

    3. Flash the Firmware (FTF) for your mobile phone:

    + Preparing files of the FTF:

    -Open the file FTF with Winrar application


    - delete loader.sin. Then press the key combination Ctrl + S to save. I have a FTF file to Flash with S1tool.

    + Conduct FTF S1tool the file with flash:

    - connect your mobile phone with the PC


    Select the FLASH button. Select the directory containing the file just edited the FTF. Select Flash Tool package to be able to see the file in the directory the FTF. The program will FLASH automatically.

    -Flash is complete, unplug the connecting cable, restart the device.

    Wish you success!