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Discussion in 'Firmware' started by hardy1076, Dec 26, 2013.

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    Hi , I just got my Z1 .... a little new to the android community..... managed to upgrade to 4.3 without issues ... I did however try and install the VROOT rooting app and got a little paranoid as all writing was in Chinese and I wasn't sure what it was doing . I also noticed that the root installed 2 applications on my phone and they came up with permission warnings.... the process eventually went into a loop and never completed .... after some further reading lots of posts on web had some concerns with this .... I then used flashtool to flash to an older android image and then used the sony tool to once again update to 4.3. My question is can I be worry free now that whatever was installed prior is now gone ( I did verify and the phone never was actually rooted successfully ) . Just want to make sure that whatever suspicious software is gone . Is flashing sufficient in this scenario ? Am I being too paranoid here ? Any advice for an android newb would be appreciated . Thanks in advance