Further details on Sony’s alleged hexa camera smartphone emerges

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    [​IMG]A week ago we reported on a wild rumour that Sony might be planning to launch an Xperia smartphone with a total of six cameras on the rear. The news isn’t completely in the realms of fantasy as Sony has confirmed previously that it is partnering with Light to develop multi-camera smartphones in the future.

    The leak came from Twitter user Max J (@Samsung_News_) and he has followed that up with further details on the camera specs (see below). He caveats the news by saying the camera is still in development, so specs can (and likely will) move before release. The six-camera setup includes lenses ranging from 8MP to 48MP on the rear, as well as a Time of Flight sensor. Front facing camera duties are taken care of by a 10MP sensor and a Time of Flight sensor.

    There’s not enough detail in the specs to ascertain whether some of these lenses are wide angle or portrait/tele lenses. However, it is exciting to think that Sony might be looking to release a new Xperia bringing a lot of versatility to the end user.

    What do you make of the news? Can you see merit in this camera setup? We’d love to hear your thoughts below.

    As I mentioned last week there's going to be a new Sony phone. Today I heard some things regarding it's camera specs:

    The specs might be different in the final product do to this device still being in development. The images are based on imagination.

    Enjoy the specs![​IMG] pic.twitter.com/pKWR7L9dTT

    — Max J. (@Samsung_News_) June 18, 2019



    Rear camera array of alleged hexa-camera Xperia

    48MP F1.2 / F2.4
    12MP F1.2/F2.4
    8MP F2.4
    16MP F2.4
    20MP F2.4
    0.5MP ToF

    Front camera of alleged hexa-camera Xperia

    0.3MP ToF

    Thanks Diogo, Lews and Rony!


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