1. Charles Xa2vier

    Charles Xa2vier New Member

    I'm Charles, a returning Xperia user in the form of my brand new XA2.

    My first Xperia device was a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Pro (qwerty slide down) bout 5 years ago. The X10 was fun to use, reliable for work and play, and served me for about 2years. I maximized its performance and it brought me many happy returns. But as time went on, the overall performance began to lag and I found the screen (~3cm) already becoming too small for me.

    Last week I finally got a 2018 XA2 as my new productivity device for the next 2 or more years. Its a black dual sim variant with Oreo inside. There has been many advances in terms of hardware and software since my X10. The XA2 also marks my return to Android.

    By joining the forum I hope catch up and learn from others on the use of the XA2, and Oreo. Also I hope to be of help in any way I can to fellow XA2 users. Join and be recognized.

    Have a good a day!