How can I delete apps from the TV Launcher?

Discussion in 'Xperia S and Xperia SL' started by Christopher Kay, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. Christopher Kay

    Christopher Kay New Member

    I've recently upgraded from the Xperia Arc to the Xperia S, and I am loving the experience. One of the reasons I upgraded was to use the updated TV connection, and especially the beautiful new TV Launcher. At the far right you can hit the + button to add additional apps, including games & apps downloaded from the Play Store. Unfortunately I can find no way to delete any of the pre-installed TV Launcher apps, or any newly added apps. I'd like to keep these apps to a minimum, and I even accidentally added the World Clock app to the launcher -- obviously I want to remove that one! Can anyone tell me if it is in fact possible to delete any of these apps from the TV Launcher window?
  2. SeVeMaS

    SeVeMaS Member

    Options menu I think. I can't tell you now because i send my phone to solve the yellow shadow :-(, sheers
  3. Christopher Kay

    Christopher Kay New Member

    Sorry, what Options Menu? Is that accessible from within the TV Launcher UI? All I can see is the + to add new apps, and when you long-press on an app nothing happens.
  4. Christopher Kay

    Christopher Kay New Member

    Oh, I guess you mean the TV options menu from the remote -- I'll give that a try and report back...
  5. Christopher Kay

    Christopher Kay New Member

    Ok, now that I've properly made a fool of myself with my first post here, I will educate those stupid few like me who do not know how to manage the apps in the TV Launcher:

    1. When connected to your Sony TV via HDMI, press Options on the remote; otherwise, press Options on the handset;
    2. You will be presented with options to rearrange or delete any apps from the Launcher;
    3. Press Delete, then select the app to delete and follow prompts;
    4. The rest should be pretty self-explanatory! (pity I didn't just try this before baring my naked ignorance in front of my peers)

    Now that I've found this solution, I am 100% satisfied I made the right choice moving from the Xperia Arc to the Xperia S. Yes, we all know Sony is going to stick it to the fans AGAIN and surprise release their global superphone within the next 3 months -- or worse, another Xperia S with slightly updated specs (Arc S, anyone?) -- but for now I am confident I have bought the best Android smartphone on the market. SPECS BE DAMNED!!!

    Seriously, is it just me, or is the HTC One X screen just not bright enough..?