How To Remove Padlock Button When I Unlock My Phone

Discussion in 'Xperia Z1' started by intsik323, Dec 25, 2013.

  1. intsik323

    intsik323 New Member

    I need help. I don't know how to remove this padlock button when I unlock my phone:


    When I press the padlock button it shows this:


    After I unlocked the padlock, it then shows the pattern:


    Before when I unlock my phone it only shows the pattern but now it shows this padlock button first then the pattern. I haven't changed any security settings and have not updated my phone. I remember, I accidentally pressed the power button a few times then it started to show the padlock button. I only want to show the pattern when I unlock my phone and not the padlock button. Please advise how to remove this padlock button.
  2. Nathan

    Nathan New Member

    Looks to me like you have a 3rd party lock screen app installed. (Golocker, etc). Search your apps and uninstall it.
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  3. Payas

    Payas New Member

    i guess u have installed go locker...just uninstall, or if u want to use that, disable the pattern lock, that would unlock your device with a 3rd party app!