How to remove percentage from status bar after JB?

Discussion in 'Xperia S and Xperia SL' started by SeVeMaS, Jun 3, 2013.


% Logo annoys you?

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  3. Yes, I want to be able to remove it

  4. Yes, I want other options to choice from

  1. SeVeMaS

    SeVeMaS Member

    That is a bit awkward, I know lots of people been asking for this to be featured on any phone, but for me, is annoying.
    I wold love to see an option on display settings were we can select from "battery logo only";"battery logo + percentage";"percentage over battery logo"; and so on. Or just simply an option to enable or not the "%".
    I've been searching for a solution without root or other complicated options.
    Is there a simple solution? or is just me that can't "google it"?