ICS 4 update for Xperia P

Discussion in 'Xperia P' started by Rohan Alchiya, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. Rohan Alchiya

    Rohan Alchiya New Member

    With the recent news of release of ICS 4 update for Xperia P, I tried to update my phone to ICS 4 but failed to do so. I want to know is this update available for Indian customers. Is any Indian customer facing problems while updating it.

    My exact problem is in step no 2 of update in which PC connector tries to download update files and doesnt go to step 3 (update phone). It stops by itself and goes back to home screen... This is so frustrating for me...

    I have lot of respect for sony. but its testing my patents now. pls help me with this problem otherwise i m gonna switch back to samsung.
  2. anup bafna

    anup bafna New Member

    Even I want to know the same thing
    Is da update available?
  3. anup bafna

    anup bafna New Member

    I have a lot of network problems with xperia p.
    Very disappointed with its network problems.
    At a moment it gives full network while at the next moment its zero...totally gone
    Does any1 have the problem?
    How do I fix it?
  4. Rohan Alchiya

    Rohan Alchiya New Member

    Ya Anup i had the same problem while updating it android 2.6 but after that one more update came for xperia p with 2.7 which had removed this network related bug in it. but now it shows that they release the ICS 4 version for xperia p. And this update is not available in every country around the world. This is what is pissing me off... they have a good quality hardware but lag way behind sumsung for software updates n interface...

    I had sumsung note before 4 months and i switched to sony xperia P. sumsung note for ICS 4 update 3 months before n still xperia P is waiting for this update.