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  1. Glenn Knight

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    I've had this phone for a while now and it's a great phone. However there are a few issues, pre and post ICS update.

    Pre ICS Update:
    - When listening to an album there is a pause between songs. This is a minor issue but some albums have tracks that run into eachother and it would be nice to hear just a stream of music?

    Post ICS Update:
    - Radio
    - Sometimes when I turn the radio on, the sound quality is very poor. It is very quite and tinny. When I turn the radio off and on again or change station it is all the same. I have to turn the phone off and on again to get it work. This happens quite often.
    - Sometimes I can not turn the radio off. When I take the headphones out static sound or radio continues to play for a few seconds out of the speakers and again I have to turn off the phone to fix. This happens quite rarely.
    - Wifi
    - I've noticed that when I'm connected to wifi then turn wifi off that sometimes, even with signal and the H icon above the signal bar, I can not get onto the web and keep getting no connection page. Again I have to turn phone on anf off to fix.

    Has anyone had these issues or knows of a way to fix?


  2. LiveSquare

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    Most of the issues you have posted are so called "known" issues in ICS.
    Wait for a update which should fix many issues and bring performance improvements.
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    what about the USB connections i cant connect my ps3 controller !!! any help?? im using ICS.