Jb update seriously diminished battery life

Discussion in 'Xperia S and Xperia SL' started by Ddraig, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. Ddraig

    Ddraig New Member

    Since I updated to jellybean, my battery drain has trebled, I. Having to keep my phone on charge otherwise from 7am til midday it will be depleted, prior to update it lasted through til gone 5pm. Any ideas anyone. I have juice defender running, and have dimmed the display.

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  2. Ken Yamakawa

    Ken Yamakawa New Member

    It happened with mine xperia S LT26i also...
    I downloaded one app called "battery" and it is really helping me by saving around 50%~75% than I had bfore updating to JB.!
  3. mm2u

    mm2u New Member

    This has happened to my Xperia S LT26i too, I now have shocking battery life ... very disappointed:confused: .... plus my AccuWeather widget no longer works :(
  4. Nitin Ashraf

    Nitin Ashraf New Member

    use extended battery life option and also decrease your screen brightness to 30% ..it worked for me..uninstall unwanted apps running in background..:)