M4 aqua Marshmallow update

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  1. ashok464

    ashok464 New Member

    Dear members, kindly share the informations about marshmallow updation for M4 aqua dual

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  2. dhaniynhy

    dhaniynhy New Member

    Wait for this mr
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  3. amrinder singh

    amrinder singh New Member

    i dont know when this come
  4. kapuki2344

    kapuki2344 New Member

    no update as of now,...............

    K VISWANATHAN New Member

    After update u love lollipop only.. That's my experience..
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  6. boar15

    boar15 New Member

    howa to update ?? pls help tnx
  7. Ziggemby

    Ziggemby New Member

    Any update when this MM is out for Nordic / Europe for E2333?
  8. untung hariyanto

    untung hariyanto New Member

    M4aqua E2312 susah upgrade nya
  9. Seankeenan07

    Seankeenan07 New Member

    So when is this update happening..... Everywhere in the world has it except us here in the UK......poorhouse Sony yet again. Very disappointed to be fair....
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  10. AYP096+

    AYP096+ New Member

    Update for marshmallow please


  12. Mpraveen

    Mpraveen New Member

    Update new version software
  13. bahram.slh

    bahram.slh New Member

  14. bahram.slh

    bahram.slh New Member

    Very good

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  15. kenta93

    kenta93 New Member

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  16. manlen

    manlen New Member

    Not Update new version