media player app stops playing after the call or ...

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    Hi there,

    So my question is:
    How to set my Xperia in order to prevent that
    1. if I am listening to music WITH using headphones, the entering phone call could stop the music played and by doing so I all the time have to press the buttom on the headphone.
    2. or what is more nerve-racking :eek:: if the headphone moves a little bit from its place or comes outa little bit somehow (in most of the cases) I have to reopen / return to the app and press the play buttom again.
    thanks in advance,
  2. hameiri aron

    hameiri aron New Member

    thanks to a post in the net, I found that the app "viber" was that caused to the mentioned problem ...
    so for everyone, this problem disturbes him, i recommend deleting this app.
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