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Discussion in 'Xperia PLAY' started by Rockford, Jun 6, 2015.

  1. Rockford

    Rockford New Member

    Hi Guys,

    I've just bought a Play R800i very cheaply mainly for the use of emulators.
    I don't play Android games much as I prefer my iPod touch for ios games,
    and I will probably not use it as a phone either as I have a Samsung Galaxy S3, which I still like.

    So my question is, should I leave it on Gingerbread or put a custom rom
    on it before putting all the emus on it?

    Any other advice from users would be great, thanks.
  2. Xperia Blog

    Xperia Blog Administrator Staff Member

    We still have our Xperia PLAY - personally we kept it on Gingerbread as we felt it was more stable than some of the third-party custom ROMs. This was a while back though to be honest, we've not looked around for the past year at least, so not sure if something better has come along.

    If you're mainly using it for emulators then we don't see any reason to move from stock Gingerbread. :)