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Discussion in 'Xperia ray' started by hars, Dec 15, 2011.

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    I bought xperia ray 1 week ago. Recently i am facing a low cracking noise in my handset earpiece while hearing from the other party and this noise increases gradually with increase in "In-call volume". But when i use headphone i face no noise. What is the reason of this noise and how could i recover from this? Is my handset earpiece need to be replaced with newer one?? Please give me feedback asap.
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    Does this happen with both calls received and made?
  3. hars

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    Yes, it happens with both calls received and made. What should i do?
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    I faced a similar problem with my ray purchased on the 14th of Jan,I reported the problem to the service centre and they readily replaced my phone, here is the shocking part, the new handset provided to me (new unopened box pack) is now giving me the same problem, I have already escalated this within SE and am awaiting their rresponse, to elaborate a bit on the exact nature of the problem, I hear a disturbance in the background while receiving and making calls, the disturbance is very similar to the sound that u hear in it computer speakers when a mobile phone close by is ringing due to electromagnetic interference. Lete know if others are facing the same problem too
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    I have similar problem too, but in a Xperia Live with walkman wt19a, gsm like noise in calls but only the other person can hear the electromagnetic interference. My solution was return the phone to the store
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    1) Xperia Mini / Mini Pro have a problem with ambient light sensor, auto setting produces flickering
    2) Xperia Mini /Mini Pro have a problem with static sound "cicada" in video records

    in live with walkman

    1) ambient sensor light is disable by default, only manual screen brightness is posiblle
    2) No microphone hole near to the camera, in service menu that microphone can record the voice but with very low volume and bad quality

    conclusion: these are the creative solutions of sony ericsson for the problems

    PD: i found xperia ray and mini with the gsm like problem in calls