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    NOTE: This image was shot through a window with a light filter


    Some leaked shots off of the Xperia P prototype unit here

    While images still have some noise behind them, it's definitely not on the same noise levels as the Xperia arc S
    Detail retention is much better too overall, hinting that the Image Processing Algorithm on board the Novathors are much better than that on the Snapdragons

    I have to say, the Whitemagic screen looked impressive IMO, realistic colour levels and much improved viewing angles
    The black levels on the prototype looked darker than that of my arc S' blacks then at similar white levels

    Will keep you guys up to date once I get a test unit on hand
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    Thanks a lot for posting this. I'll keep a close eye on your updates!
    The phone is only coming out at the end of May here (the Netherlands).

    PS. Might be better to put the link to the image here as well:

    Because it's actually way bigger and sharper than I thought it was seeing it here on the forums.
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