Xperia X Performance [Request] Android 7 Global ROM for X Performance SO-04H

Discussion in 'Firmware' started by dqvh.0611, Dec 2, 2017.

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    Hi :)
    A month ago, I purchased a Sony Xperia X Performance from DoCoMo and I soon realised that I could not use neither NTTdocomo services such as Making a phone call, Texting, Using data,..., which are really essential for a student nor services from another careers. I spent my whole November on searching for a international rom for my Sony device, well, I did find it on Mobilecity site; however, I needs to have the permission from the owner to download, and unfortunately, the owner did not respond to my request. Now, I'm stuck in the Android 6 and maybe, I will have to live with Marshmallow eternally. Could any developer/member help me or give me a global Android 7, or even a global Android 8 rom for XperiaX Performance SO-04H (NTTdomomo)? I would be really appreciated
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