Rooting + Z5 Firmware

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  1. Sainted

    Sainted New Member

    Hi fellow Xperia users,

    I wonder if someone could explain routing to me. I don't have any experience in this, and the most 'hardcore' stuff I have done with my phone is installing the firmware using the FlashTool.

    What I am trying to achieve, is to have the Sony Z5 Firmware, but with the ability to uninstall (not disable!) Facebook, Whats New and the rest of Sony's bloatware. Would this be achievable by rooting the phone and installing the Firmware from scratch? Or Sony's Firmware in essense restores the original limitations?

    Any input would be massively appreciated!
  2. Thierry de Coulon

    Thierry de Coulon New Member

    I could if you're still interested...
  3. Tariq AlSaleem

    Tariq AlSaleem New Member

    Any updates for Xperia 5 premium E6833