Sony Xperi Z3 (D6603) still waiting fr Marshmallow update!

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Did your sony xperia Z3 get 6.0 update?

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    I apologize if someone already posted thread on this theme, but I can't find it so I am starting a new one.
    I have Sony xperia Z3 (D6603) that was bought from Croatian carrier T-Com before one year ago. In meantime that phone was several time on service becous of several failures and when it was sent for thirt time I get a brand new phone thet was unlocked dor all carriers. (previous was locked on T-Com only.) That was in time of Christmas and now Im stuck on android 5.1.1. while my brother who also have z3 got 6.0 update two months ago. All people who has z3 already got update to 6.0 for z3 but not me. I contacted sony abouth this and I was told that my phone will get udate but they can't say when. Im already sick of waiting so I try to factory reset my phone without success. Please help.. is this normal or I have problem with my phone??

    Best regards!