Sony Xperia Z1S shows up on Postel

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    The Xperia Z1S has the model number D5503 and is sometimes called Z1 mini. A couple of spy shots next to its bigger sibling reveal the reason for the "mini" moniker – it has a 4.3" 720p screen instead of 5" 1080p, but keeps the Snapdragon 800 chipset and 20MP camera of the big Z1.
    Anyway, the first time we heard of a launch at a Shanghai event, the planned date was November 12. The 12th came and went with no Xperia Z1S, but the phone did briefly show up on Sony China's web site.
    The latest Shanghai event rumor is that the pcb board date is November 22, two days from now. Xperia Z1S cases on Amazon do lend some credence to that as they would ship by November 26.
    The rumor also states that there will be a second device, the Xperia Tianchi (it was Taichi the first time around). The Tianchi will be a 6" phablet with a 720p screen and a MediaTek octa-core chipset, aimed at the likes of Galaxy Mega 6.3 and Lumia 1320.