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    So after waiting patiently for Sony to release the Z1 i managed to get one soon after the release. Love the phone so much, great camera, really quick, easy to get to grips with etc.

    So after owning the phone a few months i knew it was going to be perfect for my holiday to Las Vegas. Whilst there i got loads of great pictures then DISASTER... climbed into the hire car sat down, went shut the passenger door but my Z1 had slipped out of my pocket and stopped the door from shutting....

    The screen is slightly cracked but lights up and i can see my back ground but I'm unable to enter my unlock pattern to unlock it.

    After getting home i tried to connect it to my Mac using the bridge for mac software i downloaded but i cannot access any files. So then called Sony they said they can repair it but they send it away to a third party company and all phones are wiped for data protection reasons, the same goes for O2 who i got the phone through.

    Long and short this happend on the second to last day of my holiday of a life time and i have no photos to remember my time there.

    I have looked at replacing the screen/digitizer and it looks like its going to cost me around £180.

    Obviously id rather get the photos off my self and claim for a new phone through my insurance to save money but is replacing the screen my only real option?

    any advice would be great.