sony z1 is not waterproof

Discussion in 'Xperia Z1' started by sunil jain, Apr 7, 2015.

  1. sunil jain

    sunil jain New Member

    i buy a sony z1 before 6 months i use my z1 surface of water after that my z1 power swich not wrk my all port were properly closed
    a sony repair center said that the phone ports were not properly shut and would not repair the mobile in under warranty
    i mostly used only charging port when i open the port my z1 show me the alert msg my device port is open
    i think dis is manufacturing fault sony should repair my z1 in warranty
  2. rizbooo

    rizbooo New Member

    Well I have dropped my z1 into ice bucket and water peacher in restaurant. The issue I had is that some water went under display and camera. So My display was blurry and camera Aswell. I guess the water was to cold. And the device stayed into cold watter only for few seconds. But after a while I forced my phone to raise temperature and all watter evaporated and now is fine.
  3. rendy anggoro

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    my phone ,waterproof