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Discussion in 'Firmware' started by wayne wpe, May 8, 2014.

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    hi all. i know there's a debate on this forum about the problems with the sony update 4.3 i'm just an average joe who happens to have a fairly new sp that worked fine until the new update came through i made the mistake of updating to the new stupidly named bacon sandwich or some nonsense is there a way of putting my phone back to the old 4.1.2 ? as now i can't access text messaging keeps saying[ messaging is not responding ] also its very slow at loading my contact's and sometime's just has a white screen also the screen flickers in the background and no the auto brightness is not on please say theres a fix before it gets a sorry ending in the fish pond. wayne
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    wayne wpe New Member

    well this was worth it. thanks
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    Why don't you use FlashTool with an appropriate FTF file?