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    Many of you may know already but never is to much remembering.
    So here are some codes you can enter in phone keypad.

    System info (phone, battery, used and WiFi information)
    *#*#4636#*#* (INFO) - Works on all Android devices

    Service menu - The classic one that we are used to see from ages on ericsson and sony ericsson phones. (service info, device tests, etc...)
    *#*#7378423#*#* (SERVICE)

    Demo - Used in stores for demonstration, a video demonstrates the product when we push the power button and acts as a normal phone when we touch it.

    *#*#73556673#*#* (sellmore) - choose activate. To deactivate just enter the same code again.

    To reboot your phone (because you can't remove the battery) press and hold at same time the power and volume up keys till it reboot.

    SCREENSHOT: Holding down the power button now brings you a different menu compared to Android 2.3.7. Most users will probably notice that the ‘Take screenshot’ option has disappeared. Android ICS now allows you to take screenshots by holding down the power button and volume down button at the same time.

    SAFE MODE: - even if I have no clue how to use it, any help?

    1- Power off the phone
    2- Turn it back on then right after hold the menu, and release when you feel the 2nd vibration
    3- If you see SAFE MODE on down left of the screen, you did it
    4- To leave SAFE MODE just reboot the phone.

    Cheers and if you know other codes or trics just post them here.
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    Thought it was worth sticking - had a similar thread in the Xperia arc section!

    Post any tricks you come across for the Xperia S.
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    For people who are having difficulty in getting the touch registered in the capacitive buttons (the three dots), try swiping it. It's quite natural and registers the touch 99% of the time :)
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    prathaban, i remember you from the x10 blog and you helped me a few times, hope your well. i have an arc but thinking about buying the s cos i cant wait till upgrade
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    It's a nice upgrade. I mainly upgraded to XS due to the RAM since my Arc couldn't take the load I was giving it :p.
    The phone is quite good in terms of usability and built quality. So far the annoying issue is the "Yellow Tint" issue. I believe the newer batches doesn't have this issue, so you might be safe :D
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    think i will give it a miss at the moment, i was looking at the prices on ebay, going for about 350, about 100 more than am willing to pay
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    Choice is yours :D.
  8. sathvik

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    Hai... i feel my battery is discharging very fast....not even a day its lasting for.... :(
    Any new to android....
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    One of best ways to improve battery life is avoiding free software with adds, or if you still want to use that free software (like angry birds) you can deactivate data traffic before playing.
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    Try to update your firmware to 6.0.A.3.73.
    You 'll see a lot difference.I did the same thing and was successful!
  12. sathvik

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    jus a hour back i hav updated to 6.0.A.3.73. Shud see after the full charge...
    Thanks for ur reply...
  13. tonino_xps

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    I guys, i use go locker to unlock the xperia s pushing the volume button
  14. dr_ether

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    Just to note, if you are using Spotify, it now can be controlled from the lock screen just like the Walkman app.
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    got one or more upload pictures stuck in the notification area and can't get rid of it unless you reboot the phone?
    The simplest way is going to Settings / Applications / Facebook and clear data.
    And you are done.
    The only problem is that you have to log in again, meaning you have to re-sync contacts.

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  16. Cable

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    This is my first smartphone ever and I have learnt a few tricks to help improve battery life:
    - Let the phone fully discharge and then recharge it to full. Do not unplug straight away, leave it plugged in for as long as you can, eg. overnight.
    - The screen is a major reason for fast discharging. Set the brightness lower. I find that 30% brightness is good enough.
    - I set the phone to "Airplane mode" overnight as I don't expect any phone calls. I find the phone only discharges 2-3% max when I check it in the morning.
    - Make sure wi-fi or data turned off when not in use.
    - I use an app call "Llama - Location Profile" to help me change settings automatically depending on time and location.

    Have fun :)
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    just added the screenshot tip, because it is different from gingerbread to ICS. cheers
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    I have ice cream sandwich in my XPERIA S but not satisfied with the battery life, also sometimes it heats up real fast. what to do suggest please
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    Just updated, how to enter on SAFE MODE - even if I have no clue how to use it, any help?

    1- Power off the phone
    2- Turn it back on then right after hold the menu, and release when you feel the 2nd vibration
    3- If you see SAFE MODE on down left of the screen, you did it
    4- To leave SAFE MODE just reboot the phone.
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    Hey I had to give my phone to Xperia service centre coz my display got damaged. They have replaced the unit but now the proximity feature is not present and my calls get disconnected or go on mute wen it touches. I tried the service menu nd it shows that the proximity switch is off. I can't switch it on by my own i guess. Please help