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Discussion in 'Xperia ray' started by SAM, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. SAM

    SAM New Member

    Does anyone know if Unlocking code is available for Xperia RAY model? There are many unlock websites. I tried 2 of them but failed to unlock my phone which is locked to Orange UK. Please suggest any trusted unlocking sites.​
  2. Xperia Blog

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    Why don't you try entering our competition here, a very good chance of winning! :)
  3. jobibear

    jobibear New Member

    Hi Y'all

    Thanks in advance for useful advice

    yesterday I attempted to root my Xperia Ray with this method:


    Unfortunately I ended up with just the sony ericsson boot screen coming up then going off and coming up again and so on.I think I've just about cleared the phone of everything.

    any help mucho appreciated.
  4. aj94

    aj94 New Member

    hello, I tried to network unlock my xperia ray but i didnt realise u can only enter a code 3 times. apparently if u enter it incorrectly 3 times the function is blocked. can anyone advise me how to fix this? i really need the phone unlocked.
  5. kavitha

    kavitha New Member

    HI you can easily purchase network unlock code for your sony xperia ray mobile from online providers like SimpleUnlocking.com for reliable cost ..After unlocking your phone from orange network provider you can freely use it with any GSM sim in any countries ...
  6. tomsworld

    tomsworld New Member

    I always recommend this guys UnlockCode4U.com, their customer service is world class, the site is very easy to navigate and most importantly the code works :)