Unlocking the AT&T Xperia Ion

Discussion in 'Xperia ion' started by Ruben G. Angulo, Jun 27, 2012.

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    After unlock you can upgrade to android 4.0 someone has done?
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    You can look this site unlock-zone.com get the unlock Xperia Ion. To get the code,you also need to specify the following details country it is locked now,network provider and IMEI number.Then they the give the unlock code.
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    This was an useful source...
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    thanks for the link :)
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    Check out www.htccode.com , also you have some free codes given away on xda-dev by them. As far as I know this is the cheapest available online.
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    Just now i had unlock my xperia ion lt28at. very cheap just USD11.80 using AT&T USA Slow Unlocking Service.They said it will complete within 2-3 day. In my case just 1 day only.Good service

    check it at http://www.superunlockcodes.com

    this is the cheapest that i know..
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    thanks for the link
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    I just finished a chat with AT&T Customer Service... Thought that since the Ion had recently gone on Sony's 'unsupported' list that I might be able to talk them into an Unlocked Bootloader. The lady I spoke with seemed to think I was asking her for information on how to 'Jailbreak' my phone.

    It's already rooted and I'm running the lt28h firmware with the lt28at baseband so I can get LTE and JB... But I'm looking at these KitKat builds of CM and I want.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for how I should talk to Customer Service about this? I can't help but think that I wasn't adequately getting the difference between rooting and unlocking the bootloader across to the lady I was speaking with.
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    i have problem like this, my phone has no try to enter a code for unlock. what i can to do?
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    where i my massege?
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    me face same issue with my xperia ion device. tried for free code but didn't get so used attlumiaunlockcode.com for getting unlock code. now phone is unlocked. Thanks
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    Ruben, I unlocked my Xperia Z1 with UnlockCode4U.com I fully recommend this guys, great customer service and my code worked.