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Discussion in 'Xperia P' started by papakp, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. papakp

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    Hello. My name is Pantelis and i have a question to make :
    I have bought xperia p , for three weeks now. When i connect the xperia with the pc companion , it says that the phone has the latest version of android 2.3.7

    But i know that the ICS version is rolling out for the xperia p , isn`t it?
    What do i have to do to update my phone to ICS version?
    Am I impatient?
    Thank you
  2. borys

    borys New Member

    only waiting to come in your region--next.SONY PC COMPANION...INSTALL
  3. papakp

    papakp Member

    Thank you Borys , it looks like i am impatient.
  4. papakp

    papakp Member

    Hello . I just inform you that i have finally updated the xperia p to ics firmware 6.1.B.0.544 and is very nice. I have liked a lot
    Now i wanna ask , how can i root this firmware 6.1.B.0.544 ? I want to delete some jumk apps
    Thank you.
  5. deathvinel

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    Hi i am new here can anyone does xperia P can be root to jellybean? And after I update my P to ICS sometimes the notification sound id not working it only vibrate, and I have to restart the the phone to get the notification sound working again. Y is this happening?
  6. papakp

    papakp Member

    my xperia p works fine after updating to ics. if you have problems with the phone then try to update it again
    regarding the updating to jelly bean, i have not searched it.