Vibration issue?

Discussion in 'Xperia Z1' started by Insatri, Oct 16, 2013.

  1. Insatri

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    Hi everyone!

    Yes, the phone is perfect and despite subjective critics from mere haters, I have to admit it's more than anyone desires.

    Though, I think i have a hardware problem related to the haptic vibration. It's currently turned on while typing, being set on medium intensity. Even so, after a few words or constant presses on various buttons which trigger the vibration it stops ONLY if I keep the phone in a vertical position (as in, the bottom is pointing straight to the ground while the screen is in front of me). If the phone is kept still, nothing works - it's simply not vibrating anymore (I tried to reset the phone, turning the feature on/off etc). Though, if the Z1 is even slightly tilted everything goes back to normal. Is my unit faulty?

    Can anyone else who owns the Z1 test if the vibrations stop when spamming various buttons ONLY if the unit is in a perfect vertical position (the bottom where the speaker is located points straight to the ground, screen towards viewer)? Might be a hardware limitation? Other than this vibration work like a charm.

    Keep in mind vibrations return if I easily tilt the phone horizontally.

    Cheers and looking forward to your answers!
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    advertised as waterproof, but water having received the service I applied xperia z said user error due to overheating of the CPU is not a user error, and water was standing on the cover having a sony product ever again will not wish to court