Video problems since ICS update

Discussion in 'Xperia S and Xperia SL' started by Highslayer, Nov 16, 2012.

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    Hi guys, first post here so please be gentle with me lol!

    My Xperia S finally got the ICS update which pretty much wrecked my life. Generally it has been an awful week with most of my contacts disappearing, my calenders getting wrecked and loads of other bugs. (missed a client meeting this week due to the calender messing up!)

    I'm gradually getting everything back together but have now found yet another bug and wonder if you can help.

    Any video shot since the update cannot be played back on other devices. It plays back perfectly on the phone but if I export it to a PC it fails to play giving a 'Media Player encountered an error' notice.

    If I try to import it into a video editing suite it fails saying 'unsupported format, and if I try to convert it using a conversion program it fails saying 'cannot open file'

    All videos shot prior to the ICS update work fine on all devices, are editable and convertable.

    What have Sony done?? What can I do to get access to my vids?

  2. Highslayer

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  3. Highslayer

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    Does anyone actually use this forum?
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  5. Highslayer

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    So nobody willing to give any actual help, just a facetious comment.


    Will see if I can find a forum with some actual help on!
  6. bombay

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    i cant really help on this one, sorry

    but i did notice on my xperia s some of the photos dissapeared
    didnt bother me that much

    hope someone can help. try re flashing with flashtool and use generic firmware
  7. LiveSquare

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    I just replied to that question.

    If I knew something about your original issue, surely would have replied. Like bombay mentioned you can try repairing/reflashing the firmware and see if it helps. Search the Google to see if anyone experience your issue.
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    I did search google, nothing there so I searched for a specialist forum and found one actuall called xperiablog so had hoped there would be some info. I thought this was actually run by Sony so my bad if not - Sony dont seem to have a clue what they are doing on this!
  9. LiveSquare

    LiveSquare Member is the official forum run by Sony. Check that out. You may also check the if someone had this issue previously.
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    Thanks - Tried the talk sony forum and it seems nobody has a clue there either. I need to shoot video but shooting video which cant be used anywhere is pointless, so it looks like I'll have to threaten my service provider with cancellation as I still have 18 months of my contract left and appear to have a completely useless phone.

    Its my first Sony, its probably going to be my last. I've never ever had so many problems with a phone as I have had with this piece of poo lol! Even my godawful blackberry curve was more reliable!
  11. LiveSquare

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    I think it could be the odd one out. Talk to your provider for exchange or something.

    Good luck.