Want to change a phone shell

Discussion in 'Xperia S and Xperia SL' started by remle, Oct 26, 2012.

  1. remle

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    Hello, everybody, want to change a cell phone shell, PC ultra-thin super-cool Series Shell for PC,sony xperia s case, the ultra-thin minimalist, perfect adhesion, thinnest 0.99 mm thick only see the very heartWho bought? Greetings:)
  2. Mishka65

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    Hi Remle,
    Have you heard of Mobile Fun? (http://mobilefun.com) Their site is available for a number of countries (depending on your locale) & have a great selection of accessories for many brands & models, as well as good pricing & shipping costs. The Xperia device isn't overly popular here in Canada, so accessories are hard to find in local shops. I've ordered a a couple of cases & a sleek pouch for my SL from them & am very happy with their service & delivery time.