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    I'm trying to update the phone software, but always got stuck in 'step 2.Prepare'. Finally, after 3 hours of plugging in and out, I managed to get through, and went to 'step 3.Update', displaying text like 'Your update is starting.. do not unplug the USB cable.. etc'. However, after only a minute of joy, suddenly a window popped out, saying 'Internet connection error. Please check …', then a Retry and a Cancel button. I quickly checked my internet, and there's nothing wrong with it. The browser is also working just fine. Still, I chose 'Retry', and the (attached Update.jpg) display has been like this for 30mins. Restarting only means I only have to go through the long downloading and plugging in/out process again. I'm really worried for my phone battery now, it definitely has been overcharging since 2 hours ago. Questions: This is my first update. Is updating with the PC Companion usually this troublesome? What's the size of JB update file (so I can estimate the download duration)? What might be happening (bug? lag? none seem to be the case..) and how to tweak it (if possible)? Thanks!

    Update: I restarted the whole thing, got to step.3, and (file Update2.jpg) has been on display w/o any progress for 20mins. The JB file shouldn't be that big, right?

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