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  1. Barry Jones

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    Problem, I would like to access the internet (from Xperia) via the WiFi on my desktop. Reason being my residence is outside my carrier's zone so I am roaming on a partner carrier and frankly can't afford the data charges (like $2/Mb). There's a coupla Apps I'd like to get and it's been suggested that it may be posible to connect via my PC. What do you think??
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  3. SeVeMaS

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    One question to your question, from where you got the internet on your laptop? if you are using the internet connection from a Ethernet network, just use the internet sharing option on your windows via WiFi.
  4. Wiratama Dibyaguna

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    by the way sorry for a bit out of topic here.
    does anyone realize the wifi strength? is just me or the phone is a bit lack of wifi strength
    with my iPhone I got full bar of wifi signal when connected. But, with my Xperia S, I only got half of it with the same host and same position.
    is there any options to strengthen the wifi receiver signal?
  5. LiveSquare

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    Are you experiencing any drops or any issues connection to websites? If none, they are just fine.

    Bye-the-way, phone is showing low signal (lesser bars) since the ICS update, but I never experience any issues in reality.
  6. Cable

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    Same here. Phone shows 1 bar wi-fi reception but my iPad shows full bars :(
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    as said above, if the connection is ok, you should not be worried, that maybe means the iphone shows full strech just to "show off" :-P