Will Xperia E4g, E4g Dual get Android Lollipop?

Discussion in 'Xperia E4g and Xperia E4g Dual' started by Dato Alavidze, May 8, 2015.

  1. Dato Alavidze

    Dato Alavidze New Member

    Will Xperia E4g, E4g Dual get Android Lollipop? And when?
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  2. BlackWuDo

    BlackWuDo New Member

    yes it will, because it has 64bit cpu, trust me it will receive.
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  3. dnazmiev

    dnazmiev New Member

    any info?? for e4g and lollipop update?

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  4. BlackWuDo

    BlackWuDo New Member

    Not yet, but it will be, because phone supports 64 bit processor, if sony wouldn't had any ideas to update to 5.0 + they wouldn't used 64bit processor.
  5. sidders2

    sidders2 New Member

    There is already an unofficial lollipop ROM (5.0.1) floating around for the E4g apparently....

    The performance improvements are meant to be considerable..

    Regardless, I believe it is only a matter of weeks before we get an official release from Sony..
  6. BlackWuDo

    BlackWuDo New Member

    Could you provide link for the build?
  7. BlackWuDo

    BlackWuDo New Member

    i contacted xperia support, they told me that ther will be no major updates for this device.
  8. Manoj143

    Manoj143 New Member

    Please send me lollipop version
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  9. Please sand me lollipop version