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    Hi all,

    I got myself XA2 (not Ultra) and I wanted to share my thoughts about it in real life.

    My previous phone was Z5 compact. This is important as they share the camera sensor.
    In my opinion, photos are much better, probably due to software optimisation. Will share the comparison later.

    Next, the signal levels are much better, I'm getting 4G/4G+ in places where with Z5C I would be on H+ in the best case. Wi-Fi is also working better. EDIT: After several days of usage, I notice that the has a difficulty switching between networks. As I live on the border of France and Switzerland, I cross the said border several times per day, and the phone fails to switch from my home (French) network into roaming (Swiss network) and vice-versa and I have to do a manual search.

    Last but not the least - battery life seems much better, mostly (again, my opinion), due to the fact that it's not overheating as much as Z5c. It still does though, when under a direct sunlight (in a car, on a windshield) and under usage, battery goes up to 45 degrees, but it doesn't slow down. I think they increased throttling limit. It heats up to 39-40 degrees when charging at 1.5A as well. But, in both cases, it cools down very fast.

    Also, one small detail - with same apps, it only lost 3-5% of battery during 8h sleep at night, which is vaaast improvement over 15-20% with Z5c.

    As I get more days of usage, will try to share more details.

    One more thing I've noticed is that screen is eating through battery like crackers