Xperia 1 II very laggy n performance dropped after updated to Android 11

Discussion in '2020 Xperia devices' started by Tom Fan, Feb 4, 2021.

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    My Xperia 1 II had been working very smoothly all the time on Android 10, but since the Android 11 update, not anymore...every animations felt not as smooth, apps freezes n crashes more often, phone not as responsive, apps launch time noticibly increased, games runs a lot slower, files transfer speed slso decreased...I slso noticed the Android 11 boot animation has a little lag compared to Android 10, which has completely smooth boot animation...I already tried many methods, but no luck so far...plz help...

    All apps updated to latest version

    Tried wipe system cache through recovery mode n wipe app cache

    Tried full system wipe through Android settings n also through recovery mode

    Tried safe mode n rebooted many times

    Tried software repair
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